Alchymia Distillery

“Great spirit is made by hand, not on a spreadsheet” – Matt, Head Alchemist

Matt & Sarah at Alchymia distillery at Table Cape fell in love with distilling back in 2016 here in Tasmania, so much so they decided to jump off the corporate bus and build their own distillery allowing them to share their passion and craft with visitors and lovers of great spirit. Alchymia Distillery create small batch, hand crafted spirit which is available to taste and buy in their beautiful Tasting room. Only 100metres off the Bass Highway 7km from Wynyard please drop in and visit for a tour, a nip or a cocktail!

Also open Thursdays by appointment. To book your private visit, call Sarah on 0447 619 291 or visit Facebook.

A 599 Tollymore Road, Table Cape 7325 P 0447 619 291 E [email protected] W O 12pm - 4pm