La Cántara Artisan Cheeses

In the pristine lush meadows of the far North-West Coast comes La Cántara Artisan Cheeses. Located in Smithton in the heart of the dairy region of Tasmania, we welcome you to experience our unique and delicious cheeses created before your eyes.

La Cántara Cheeses is housed in the remarkable state of the art Robotic Dairy where the purest of dairy milk originates. Inside the Dairy you are treated to a full view of our beautiful cows being milked by the state-of-the-art Lely robots in our purpose-built observation room. The ladies come in voluntarily throughout the day for milking, snacking and well-earned head scratches. Learn the history of dairy farming and cheese making in the region and how this area produces some of Australia’s highest quality milk.

Tours for cheese making and the robotic dairy are available and conclude back at the Duck River Pavilions where you are welcome to sample and purchase the unique range of La Cántara Cheeses. A wonderful opportunity to take home products that you have witnessed the entire manufacturing process from paddock to platter.


A 12 Nelson Street, Smithton 7330 P (03) 6413 5333 / 0400 126 810  W O 10am - 2pm