Danielle Alvarez

​​”TrailGraze is amazing. It links up food producers in a way that’s not only easy for tourists to find, but also interesting and diverse.”

Danielle Alvarez is one of Australia’s most celebrated chefs with a passion for farm-to-table cooking. Born into a food-loving Cuban-American family, Danielle first learned about cooking from her mother and grandmother, before choosing to pursue a professional career in the food industry. A move to California opened her eyes to the bounty and vast world of fresh produce, and she spent four years developing her cooking skills at the legendary Chez Panisse in Berkeley, a time that she credits as the most formative in her career. Danielle was the creative visionary behind Fred’s in Paddington, which was designed around her style of cooking and produce-driven ethos. Upon opening in 2016, she and the restaurant immediately won multiple accolades and Fred’s quickly became one of the most beloved restaurants in the country. Danielle is the author of ‘Always Add Lemon’, and is a regular columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend Magazine in Australia. She is also the co-host with Adam Liaw of the The Good Food Kitchen television series. In May 2022, after six years at Fred’s, Danielle finished up running the restaurants to work on her second cookbook, due out in November 2023, as well as culinary projects that are aligned to her values.