Blue Hills Honey

Take a journey off the path most travelled and find yourself inbound for Blue Hills Honey in the small district of Mawbanna.

This honey producer calls the Tarkine wilderness home and has been working bees (that also call the Tarkine home) for over 60 years. Once you’ve arrived on site, you’ll find a tesla charger available, café and gift shop where you can sample award winning honey and mead, wander through to the factory viewing area and interpretation centre with a full run down on how their honey is sourced. The location places them right next door to their beehives within the wilderness and it’s there the bees collect the famous Leatherwood Honey.

The Colony Café (aptly named) is located at the entrance of Blue Hills Honey, windows on the left look out into the orchard and playground with farmlands beyond and let the afternoon sun stream through. A wood heater sits in the corner and amongst a contemporary palate of whites, deep grey and wood. The café features a range of dishes that nod to the honey with many treats to be discovered.

Further through you’ll find yourself browsing the gift shop, range of award-winning honey and honey related products. The Mawbanna area is also known for Dip Falls and The Big Tree, not far down the road, visiting the two is highly recommended.

A 1858 Mawbanna Road, Mawbanna 7321 P (03) 6458 8142 E [email protected] W O 10am - 4pm